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Rubo sklep
Rubo Sklep
Rubo-Konstrukcje Sp. z o. o.
Hutnicza 44 , 81-061 Gdynia,  Poland
Tel. +48 58 679 95 31 fax:+48 58 679 95 34
e-mail: rubo@rubo-konstrukcje.pl

Scaffolding assembly and disassembly

polish, modular scaffolding assembly, shipbuilding, offshore, poland
More than 23 years in scaffolding services, including often built complex structures in difficult locations, is the foundation of our strong position on the market. Numerous references from the most demanding customers and industry awards and honors certify professionalism, reliability, and timeliness of the services offered by Rubo-Serwis.
In our comprehensive Rubo scaffoldings rental we guarantee:
- Timeliness and reliability, which allows our customers to implement their projects on time
- Safety of installed construction – as the primary determinant of putting scaffolding to use
- High quality of service certified by DNV, in standards of: AQAP 2120, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 oraz ISO 9001
polish, modular scaffolding assembly, shipbuilding, offshore, polandComprehensive services include:
- Scaffolding rental
- Transport
- Assembly and dismantling of scaffolding
- Tarpaulin shielding
- Advice and suport
As part of the service industry and rental services along with installation of scaffolding company Rubo-Serwis performs complex scaffolding structures for overpasses, bridges, power stations, ships and tanks. Scaffoldings we instal allow safe operation at drilling platforms, chimneys, nuclear reactors, refining plant. We also offer installation of suspended scaffolds. We provide services of tarpaulin shielding, creating covered structures that effectively protects against weather conditions during the work carried out outdoors.
 assembly of scaffolding, poland,

For the general construction industry we offer scaffolding for safe work at sports arenas, stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals, churches and church towers, residential and utility architecture.
We also have experience in projects and scaffolding-based scenes, stands, gates, structures for the maintenance stage platforms, advertising structures and video screens.
We invite you to cooperation!

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5 august Nothing about us without us! On 4-6 August 2017 in Gdynia was held a cult triathlon event - Ironmen Gdynia for which we prepared the structures of the stands; tribunes etc. more 27 july Why choose a modular scaffolding Skyer? We invite you to watch a short film presentation about our scaffolding system:     more 11 february Thanks to National Geographic we could watch known polish kick-boxer and celebrity Przemysław Saleta, who was exploring shipyard work in Shipyard “Remontowa” in Gdańsk and he has became a scaffold assembler for one day. Shipyard “Remontowa” more

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