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Rubo sklep
Rubo Sklep
Rubo-Konstrukcje Sp. z o. o.
Hutnicza 44 , 81-061 Gdynia,  Poland
Tel. +48 58 679 95 31 fax:+48 58 679 95 34
e-mail: rubo@rubo-konstrukcje.pl

Scaffolding Rentals

polish facade scaffoldingRubo-Serwis provides rental services of scaffoldings: 
- Hire a full-service (design, installation, dismantling, transport) 
- Hire of a stand-alone installation on the client side 

We offer our customers a rental service of Modular Scaffolding: Rubo and Skyer
Customers who want to mount the scaffold alone, can take advantage of additional transport services provided on the basis of the Rubo Group's fleet of vehicles. 

Main warehouse and office is located in Rumia, ul. Dabrowskiego 149. It's the place of the loan and return of rented scaffoldings.
Warehouse rental is open from Monday to Friday from 7.00 - 14.00. 

scaffolding service transportWe invite you to contact our Rubo-Serwis sales department, which will estimate and determine the possibility of renting the required set of scaffolding.


5 august Nothing about us without us! On 4-6 August 2017 in Gdynia was held a cult triathlon event - Ironmen Gdynia for which we prepared the structures of the stands; tribunes etc. more 27 july Why choose a modular scaffolding Skyer? We invite you to watch a short film presentation about our scaffolding system:     more 11 february Thanks to National Geographic we could watch known polish kick-boxer and celebrity Przemysław Saleta, who was exploring shipyard work in Shipyard “Remontowa” in Gdańsk and he has became a scaffold assembler for one day. Shipyard “Remontowa” more

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